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The WildBox Story
  1. 2009

    WildBox is Born !!!

    Three guys in the wind decide to create a video production company. 

    Guy Berry as the Wild VFX Master chief editor 

    Julien as the crazy handiman producer- director 

    Frederick as the psychologist salesman strategist.

    Their first office was in the « pépinière Paris Soleillet » in the 20th Paris « arrondissement ». In this « startup-atmosphere » building, they began their long dive into the world of video production.

  2. 2011

    1st Short Film !

    Famous French photographer, Ali mahdavi, asked us to produce his first short movie « Forbidden Love ». Starring Dita Von Teese.

  3. 2012


    We are on the move. Exit Soleillet, next stop 11th « arrondissement between Belleville and République in the small Auguste Barbier street. DIGITREND is born.

    DIGITREND is an Economic Interest Group built around 5 companies that is aimed to develop synergies and extend possibilities in the digital area. 

    Work together and complimentary to offer a full experience to our clients. 

    With the best obviously ! 

  4. 2013

    « Les productions WildBox » - Montreal

    WildBox will bring the French knowledge for 3 years to the Canadian companies. 

    VR market is exploding, bringing WildBox higher and higher 

  5. 2013

    1ere video avec 1 million de vues

    Premier clip de la box à atteindre le Million de vue sur youtube. Elodie Frégé « Comment t’appelles tu ce matin ? » réalisé par Ali Madhavi

  6. 2014

    1st 360° Vidéo

    Thanks to Digitrend expertise, Wilbox have been one of the first video production company to develop its workflow towards new technologies like the 360° video.

  7. 2015


  8. 2018

    ID Vroom, Notre vrai joli projet !

    ID Vroom, c’était un challenge et c’est réussi.

    Pensé, imaginé, produit, réalisé, monté en un temps record, ID Vroom était un projet ambitieux mais c’est un projet réussi !

    Première Grande pub TV nationale pour  ID Vroom, produite en 5 jours, montée en deux semaines, un tour de force relevé avec Brio par la Box. 

  9. 2019

    WildBox is turning 10 !!!

    Mature and serene ! 

    TV Commercials and Digital concept are focusing the attention.

    To be continued..


creative team

Julien Robbe

Founder, Director, Producer

Hamdi Chahed


Reda Sqalli

Post-Production // Vfx